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Superior performance

You or your employees can remotely connect and work on multiple computers and servers in a matter of seconds, with minimal keystrokes, via the web, using a single account.

Easy administration

Keep multiple windows open - one for each computer/server - for easy management. Reboot your server after business hours; access multiple remote computers on the fly - even in the log off mode.

Remote Access from Mobile

Access and view your computer remotely, from any iOS and Android devices.

RemotePC for iPhone/iPad Android device

All communication between your local and remote computers/servers is encrypted using 128-bit RC4/SSL.


Works behind most firewalls/proxy servers; does not require a static IP address for the remote computer.


Invite an associate to temporarily access your remote PC to work on presentations, documents or view photographs.


Add additional remote computers as your business expands; needs no add-on hardware or software.

Easy data transfer

Seamlessly move your business data between the local and remote computers - even from mapped drives.

Print remotely

Print files from your remote computer to a printer connected to your local machine. [ More ]

True look and feel

Listen to audio files and sound from the remote computer on your local computer. Mute audio on either of the computers as per your convinience. [ More ]


Plan Type No. of Computers Yearly Plan
RemotePC Small Business Plan 1 50 $499.50 $249.75
RemotePC Small Business Plan 2 100 $999.50 $499.75

You can add remote computer(s) to your plan at just $3.00/month. More
System Requirements

For PC: Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 (Service pack 4 and above) and stable Internet connection.

For Mac: Snow Leopard, Leopard on Intel processor.
* This feature is not inter-operable between a PC and Mac.
** This feature requires RemotePC version 4.4.9 or above and is supported on remote computers running on Windows Vista and above.
Note: The 50% offer is applicable for the first year only. For subsequent upgrade, normal charges are applicable.
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