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Schools and Education

A secure and effective remote access solution
for educational institutions

Special offer: Flat 50% discount for students, educational institutions, or anyone with a valid education domain-based email address, for the lifetime of your account! To avail this limited period offer, simply validate your email address through our verification process and choose from the Consumer, Team or the Enterprise plan at half the price. A list of valid education domain email addresses has been mentioned below for reference.

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Example: john@myworld.edu / john@k12.ca.us

Remote access in academies

As an academic institution, you need timely access to information to better plan your learning and development activities. Remote access solutions can help you in this regard as they let you access various computers owned by the institution and thereby equip you with real-time information when needed. Such flexibility allows an organization and its employees to work seamlessly from anywhere.

Furthermore, routine tasks may involve accessing this data and collaborating with associates to work on presentations or for a lecture and so on. Therefore, quick access to such data is needed, particularly during technical breakdown, to avoid hindrance to work.

Need for remote access

Inability to stay connected to your computers at all times leads to delays and unproductivity. Moreover, lack of collaboration and lack of access to timely information could impact the effectiveness of work too.

RemotePC steps in during such scenarios, allowing you to access your remote computers 24/7, offering great convenience.

The RemotePC solution

RemotePC offers reliable remote access service for schools and educational institutions. You can access remote computers - be it PCs, Macs, via any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device at any point of time.

RemotePC lets you instantly access remote computers via web, and collaborate with your colleagues on all tasks. Other features include robust security with TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption and a Personal Key, chat, multi-screen view, record remote sessions and much more.

Why RemotePC?

Remote access features

You can provide One-Time instant access or configure your computers with Always-ON remote access. Allow deployment of the RemotePC application and grant permissions to install on multiple computers.

Remote functionality

Transfer files and folders between your local and remote computer, print documents and images, as well as effectively collaborate with associates during a session with Whiteboard.

Platform independent

Access your remote computers from PC or Mac, iPhone/iPad or Android devices. You can also connect to your remote computers from right within your browser, without any software installation!

List of domains eligible for the Educational offer:

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