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Interactive assistance with augmented reality

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Remotely assist customers as if you were with them!

Whenever there's a critical situation or requirement, your customer can live stream the situation using RemotePC Vision mobile app. Assist them by setting markers onto objects. By remotely offering instant support, you reduce both downtime and travel cost.

Who can use RemotePC Vision?

Remote video assistance with annotations offers a wide range of use cases and can be employed to suit various remote requirements.

  • IT Support
    Get a visual narrative of the end user requirement and provide interactive guidance.
  • Training and Development
    Remotely train your staff on the latest industry updates and avoid expensive travel and accommodation.
  • Repair and Maintenance
    Assist your on-site experts with repair operations using video annotation and reduce downtime on machines.
  • Claims Appraiser
    Use real-time video streaming to assess the damages and make accurate appraisals at zero travel cost.
  • Watch a video
  • Watch a video

Get Vision as an add-on with all RemotePC plans