Why RemotePC™ is better: RemotePC™ Zoho Assist
    Why RemotePC™ RemotePC™ Zoho Assist
    PC Mag Rating
    Editors' Rating: Excellent

    4 Out of 52018
    Pricing RemotePC SOHO Plan
    for 10 computers

    $69.50 $52.12 First year

    $139.50 $104.25 For 2 years

    Unattended Access Standard plan
    starts at $100 per year
    for 25 unattended computers
    AR-based Video Sharing right
    RemotePC™ Vision allows you to provide real-time remote support via AR-based video sharing
    No option for AR-based video sharing
    Secondary Password for Remote Access right
    A unique user-defined Personal Key acts as a secondary password while accessing remote computers
    Unattended remote access does not require any additional password or session key
    Multiple Monitor Display right
    Toggle between multiple monitors of the remote computer or view them all at once
    No option to view multiple monitors of remote computer at once
    Session Recording right
    Record remote sessions for training or record-keeping purposes
    Feature is not available with the Standard plan. Users can only capture screenshots.
    Drag and Drop right
    Drag and drop files between remote and local computers and vice-versa
    Cannot drag and drop files from remote computer to local computer
    One-time Instant Access right
    Allow temporary (one-time) instant access to your computer by sharing unique Access ID and Key
    No option to allow one-time access to your computer

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    * The 90% offer is applicable for the first year only. You need to provide proof of your Zoho Assist account.