Remote support solution for Businesses and MSPs

Equip your technicians with uninterrupted remote support to better analyse and resolve queries of the end user. Monitor all service requests and manage your technicians from a single dashboard.

Support Simplified

Access the end users' PC / Mac remotely and deliver timely support. Handle multiple support requests simultaneously.

Centralized Administration

Add technicians; assign and monitor the status of all service requests via the centralized web console.

Easy Implementation

The remote support solution works seamlessly with your existing workflow. HelpDesk is easy to set up, with a simple user interface.

Remote Access Features

Cross-platform Access

Establish remote session with a PC from a Mac or vice-versa

View Multiple Monitors

View one or multiple monitors of the end user on your screen

Exchange Messages

Initiate chat during remote session to discuss and interact with the end user

Secure Remote Support

The industry-standard TLS v 1.2 and AES 256 bit encryption ensures all remote support sessions are secure

File Transfer

Transfer or drag and drop files between computers irrespective of file type and size

More Features

Use whiteboard, record remote sessions, play sound remotely, view logs and reports, etc

Getting started with HelpDesk is simple

  • helpdesk_screen1

    Sign Up

    Create an account, add technicians, and set roles or permissions for them

  • helpdesk_screen2

    Create Connection ID

    Each service request is created via connection ID, which is then assigned to technicians

  • helpdesk_screen3

    Share Code

    Once the unique Connection ID code is shared with the end user, they can enter the same on the homepage and download the remote support application

  • helpdesk_screen5

    Monitor Service Requests

    View the status and summary of all connection IDs in the 'Service Queue' tab

  • helpdesk_screen5

    Manage Technicians

    Organize technicians by adding them into groups; move them between groups as necessary

* Get 25% off on your first year or get 50% off on your first year for a 2 year plan. For subsequent years, normal charges are applicable.

On-demand Remote Support