Web-based high performance remote support solution for Businesses and MSPs

RemotePC HelpDesk possibly offers the best performing remote support solution with near-real-time screen replication. With optimizations at various levels, RemotePC HelpDesk easily beats competition for most scenarios.
HelpDesk's web-based approach, does away with the need for any software installations. Connect to customers' computer from right within the web browser, allowing technicians with uninterrupted remote support to better analyze and resolve customer queries remotely.

Support Simplified

Access customers' PC / Mac remotely via the web and deliver timely support. Handle multiple support requests simultaneously.

Centralized Administration

Add technicians; assign and monitor the status of all service requests via the centralized web console.

Easy Implementation

Customers can setup remote session by downloading the HelpDesk application from https://help.remotepc.com.

Remote Access Features

Video/Text Chat

Engage in face-to-face interaction through video chat or communicate via text-based chat

View Multiple Monitors

View one or multiple monitors of the customers computer on your screen

Cross-platform Access

Establish remote session with a PC from a Mac or vice-versa

Secure Remote Support

Industry-standard TLS v 1.2 and AES 256 bit encryption ensures all remote support sessions are secure

More Features

Use whiteboard, record remote sessions, view logs and reports, etc

Getting started with HelpDesk is simple

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    Create Connection ID

    Sign up and create service request for your customers

  • helpdesk_screen3

    Share Connection ID

    Technicians can share the 9-digit code or unique link with customers

  • helpdesk_screen3

    Provide Remote Support

    Customers can setup remote session by downloading the application from https://help.remotepc.com

  • helpdesk_screen4

    Establish Remote Connection

    Technicians can now access the customer computer remotely from the web browser

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Remote support beyond the screen with AR powered video sharing

  • Video streaming and VoIP Audio
    Get visual narrative of the issue with real-time video streaming and two-way live audio transmission.
  • Interactive Annotations
    Combine verbal communication with free-hand 3D drawings and arrows to explain resolution and solve issues.
  • Session Recording
    Record video sharing sessions including audio and annotations for future reference.
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Vision is now available as a FREE add-on with HelpDesk.

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* The 90% offer is applicable for the first year only. For subsequent years, normal charges are applicable.