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One-Time Instant Access

Work Smart with One-Time Instant Access

March 22, 2018

While teamwork is essential for productivity, it is not always possible to have our co-workers by our side to collaborate. That is why RemotePC makes things easier for you by giving the option of One-Time Instant Access, where you can allow your associates to access your computer one-time by sharing a unique Access ID and Key.

All you have to do is generate One-Time Access credentials on your computer and share it with your associate for establishing an instant remote session. This will help you work together effectively, as if you are sitting together in the same room.

Key Features of RemotePC:

  • Always-ON Remote Access: This feature allows you to take complete control of the computers by just entering a unique Personal Key (Personal Key is not required for Enterprise users).
  • Cross Platform Compatible: Access your remote computer from PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  • Military Grade Security: Communication between the local and remote computer is encrypted using TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption.

What more?

  • Print the documents on your faraway computer using a local printer. Even record your sessions and save them on your local computer.
  • The Blank Host Screen function ensures privacy during a remote session. The screen of your distant computer blanks out, thus prohibiting anyone from viewing your activities during the session.
  • You can also view multiple monitors, in case your faraway computer has more than one monitor.
  • Lock the remote computer instantly or after the session ends with the Lock function. This will prevent any unauthorized use of the computer during a session.

There are different pricing plans that can be selected by users depending upon their needs. Furthermore, user license for one remote computer is completely free. Sign up today!

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