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User Management

Manage users effectively with RemotePC’s Team plan

July 18, 2018

As a manager or a team lead, you are probably looking for an effective way to manage users and provide them with flexibility that in turn contribute to the overall productivity of the business. One of the resourceful benefits, today, which you could consider is the option to bring together different team members to promote collaboration for critical projects. Additionally, the ability to access real-time information, even if it is stored in distant computers, is useful too.

RemotePC Teams plan is one such solution that offers much convenience to its users. You can not only enable remote access for your team members, helping them access distant computers, but also organise them into groups for better user management.

Remote access for teams solution from RemotePC is designed to provide extensive flexibility to both the admin and users in his group. Whether your users are working from home or are travelling, you can organise them into appropriate groups for timely interaction for a seamless flow of work. You can also manage profile and billing of your account.

What are the key benefits associated with RemotePC for Teams plan?

  • Organize users into groups, view web activity logs for users via the web console.
  • As an admin, you can add any number of users by inviting them to create an account within the main account.
  • Create Groups of users and move them as and when the need arises.
  • Easily set up the solution and enjoy a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any additional training for users.
  • Ensure robust security and privacy with the TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption; additionally, use the Personal Key, as a secondary password.
  • Use RemotePC mobile apps for iOS and Android to connect to your remote computers on the go.

What more does the RemotePC solution offer?

  • Enable temporary one-time instant access for users that need to access remote computers only once for a specific task.
  • Drag and drop files from distant computer to your computer and vice versa.
  • Chat with your colleagues at any point of time during remote session.
  • Being platform independent, RemotePC lets you access your PCs and Macs via iOS or Android devices.

Enjoy all these benefits when you sign up for the RemotePC Teams plan.

"Great price; Excellent security options; Unbelievable value for small businesses." Dave Mitchell, ITPRO, June 2018

"Effortless, simple interface with a flat learning curve. Fast performance. Easy file transfers between local and remote desktops. Inexpensive." Edward Mendelson, PC Magazine, April 2018

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