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RemotePC for Teams

Simplify Your Business Operations with RemotePC Team Plan

February 15, 2018

RemotePC helps organizations enjoy seamless connectivity with distant computers, by establishing a remote session with them. You can access and share files, print documents using a local printer, collaborate with associates or provide them support.

RemotePC’s ‘Team Plan’ for Businesses allows you to add users within an account and organize them into groups. As one can invite any number of users to join their RemotePC Team account, it becomes convenient for businesses to grant all their employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, be it from their homes or from a client’s office.

As for scalability, you can enjoy accessing 100 remote computers from a single account and based on needs, add extra computers at additional charges. Admin can also monitor remote access activities for users and computers connected to their account with detailed remote session and web activity logs.

What Makes RemotePC the Most Fitting Remote Access Solution for Teams?

  • User Management
    Organize users into groups, view remote access/web activity logs for users, via the web console.
  • Add Unlimited Users
    Admin can add any number of users by inviting them to create an account within the main account.
  • Create Groups
    Admin can create groups and move user between the groups.
  • Easy to Use
    Easy to setup and use, the user friendly interface ensures no additional training for users.
  • Security and Privacy
    RemotePC uses TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption, and Personal Key acts as secondary password.
  • Mobile Access
    With RemotePC mobile apps for iOS and Android, connect to your computers remotely on the go.

What More?

  • Lock the remote device instantly or after the session ends with the Lock function. This will prevent any unauthorized use of the computer during a session.
  • The Blank Host Screen function ensures privacy during a remote session. The screen of your distant computer blanks out, thus prohibiting anyone from viewing your activities during the session.
  • Exchange chat messages with your associate sitting at the other end during remote sessions. Even record your sessions and save them on your local computer.

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