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Features of RemotePC

RemotePC – Connect To Your Remote Machines From Anywhere!

March 15, 2018

There are numerous reasons today to stay connected to your computers or laptops. Imagine a situation where you are out travelling and need to connect to your office computer for an urgent work. Remote access solutions allow us to do just the same. However majority of us are not aware of the right solution that works effectively and has all the features we need.

RemotePC, with its user-friendly features, can be your choice for remotely accessing your faraway computers anytime, anywhere. Take a look at how RemotePC makes your life more convenient:

  • Get Connected in No Time
    Install the RemotePC application on your computers and make sure you have an active Internet connection to get connected instantly!
  • Easy Access for Faraway Computers
    Configure the Always-ON Remote Access option in RemotePC to instantly take control of the computers by just entering a unique Personal Key. Note: The Personal Key option is not available for Enterprise accounts.
  • Instant 'One-Time' Access
    Collaborate with your colleagues or friends on any project! All you need to do is share the unique Access ID and Key generated on your computer, with anyone wanting to access your machine.

What's more?

  • RemotePC is cross platform compatible. So, you can connect to your computers from a PC/Mac, or even from iPhone/iPad or Android devices.
  • With RemotePC mobile apps for iOS and Android, you really don't need a computer by your side or a laptop in your bag. You can be sure that wherever you go, you can view and manage your office / personal computers and work quick and easy while on the move.
  • You can also easily transfer files and folders, even from mapped drives. Rest assured, data transfer between the computers is secure with TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption.

Sign up and stay connected with your faraway computers today!