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    Q & A
    Is RemotePC private and safe?

    Yes, RemotePC offers secure remote access to your faraway computers. The communication and data transfers between your local and remote devices are secured using TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption.

    Can I change my plan?

    Depending on the number of computers you want to remotely access, you can anytime upgrade your RemotePC subscription to the plan that best suits you.

    What happens when my subscription ends?

    When your subscription period is about to end, the credit card which you store with RemotePC during sign up or upgrade is automatically charged for renewal of your subscription.

    What is RemotePC Enterprise plan?

    RemotePC Enterprise plan allows you to access 100 remote computers from a single account. Moreover, you can add unlimited users within your account, organize them into groups, assign computers and provide remote deployment.

    Have any more questions?

    Contact our Support team for further assistance.