Deploy RemotePC On Multiple Computers Using Group Policy

Use the RemotePC configuration ID on the web interface to remotely deploy the application to multiple computers in your organization. The application can be deployed on computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Remote deployment via Group Policy feature is a necessity for SMBs and enterprises that deal with hundreds of computers.

Prerequisites for remote installation

  • RemotePC MSI installer package
  • Microsoft Windows OS with Group Policy Management installed or similar deployment tool for automated deployment
  • Accessibility to the shared folder for all the domain users
  • .Net Framework

You can deploy your MSI to all connected computers in a few simple steps.

Get Started

  1. Log in to the RemotePC web client and copy the configuration ID that is applicable to your account for deployment.
  2. Download the Installer package (.msi file) to your computer.

Read more to initiate setup.

Setup RemotePC MSI Installer

Store the RemotePC.msi file in a network shared folder, and run the MSI command in the administrator mode for deployment.

You can install the RemotePC Host on many computers in one go via MSI if you have Microsoft Group Policy or any other similar deployment tools. You can also customize the installation by using command line parameters. Read the instructions to setup your RemotePC MSI Installer.