What is Remote Access?

The cloud has changed the way we store and access our files. It has provided means to always carry your files with you. However, there are limits to what the cloud can do. What do you do when you are away from the office but need to urgently access corporate applications or files and you do not have physical access? Situations like this can cause operational discontinuity and hinder productivity.

Remote access solutions like RemotePC bridge this gap and make it possible to access your office or home computer from anywhere, with Internet connectivity. Once you have established a remote connection, you can see the remote computer as it is when you use it in person. With remote access software configured on your computers, you can not only access files but also use applications, play media files, print documents, transfer files to and from the computer, phone, or tablet you are remotely accessing from. This is helpful for telecommuters, individuals who work from home, or in situations like the current pandemic where many are unable to travel to work.

Benefits of a remote access solution

Remote access has numerous benefits for your business, from lowered device management costs to boosting employee satisfaction and productivity. RemotePC provides the right set of tools for businesses to provide their employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere and any device. RemotePC’s cross-platform compatible solution allows to access files, transfer files, print documents, work seamlessly with multiple monitors, collaborate with associates via chat and whiteboard. Leverage the free-add ons for remote support and online meetings to ensure effective team collaboration and improve productivity.

Remote access for businesses and individuals

RemotePC is a platform-independent remote access software, which means once you have the software installed, you can access your remote PC, Mac, or Linux machine from any other PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android device and even your web browser. RemotePC has earned critical acclaim and several recommendations from industry experts like PC Mag, Techradar, and ITPro. The service provides secure remote access with a user-friendly interface, handy features at a competitive price.

Remote access for businesses:

The RemotePC plan for Enterprise featuring user management and computer management capabilities is well suited for large business organizations. With role-based user capabilities and centralized control over all configured computers, IT administrators can manage and oversee remote access for the entire organization. A yearly subscription starts at $374.62 for the first year for unlimited user licenses and access up to 100 computers.

The Team plan best serves a set up with small independent teams that require remote access and user management. It provides unlimited user access for up to 50 computers and pricing starts at $187.12 for the first year.

Both the plans are easily customizable and can be scaled up to meet your needs. You also get RemotePC HelpDesk – web-based high performance remote support solution – as a free add-on with your Team and Enterprise subscriptions.

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Remote access for consumers and SOHO:

For individuals that require remote access to their office or home computers the RemotePC Consumer plan allows you to access up to 2 computers at $22.12 for the first year. Small and home offices can choose the SOHO plan for accessing up to 10 computers. A SOHO subscription starts at $52.12 for the first year and allows centralized user management via web.

RemotePC for secure remote access and remote support


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