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Set up remote desktop connection

for remote control, remote assistance, and online collaboration

What is remote desktop software?

If you need to remotely access and control a desktop at another location, a remote desktop access software will enable you to do just that. Establish a connection, browse the files and folders, and use applications from a different computer. The mouse movements and keystrokes you make on the local computer are transmitted to the remote desktop over the internet. Remote desktop users can securely access their office computer to work from home or while traveling.

The RemotePC remote desktop software

The remote desktop solution from RemotePC allows you to establish remote connections to your PC, Mac, or Linux machine from any device. Your confidential files and networks are readily available at your fingertips.

Its fast performance, high-security standards, and user-friendly interface make RemotePC an ideal choice for individuals and businesses alike. Its wide range of applications includes remote desktop access, remote support, and online meetings.

How does RemotePC work?

  • Cross-platform remote desktop access
    Access remote computers from PCs, Macs, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS or Android devices or even web browsers.
  • Effective utilities
    Access files, transfer files, print documents, work with multiple monitors, record sessions. Connect to devices in sleep mode, initiate remote reboot or install applications, drivers etc.
  • Online collaboration
    Connect with your workforce over an instant online meeting from any remote location with the RemotePC Meeting add-on. Dial-in-via-phone in poor network conditions.

Security in remote desktop access

RemotePC offers end-to-end secure remote desktop access, with a host of security measures and features


RemotePC uses industry-standard TLS v 1. 2 and AES 256-bit encryption to ensure security over computer networks.

Personal Key

This user-defined key for each computer provides an additional layer of security at the device level.

Blank Host Screen

This feature lets you display a blank screen at the remote desktop end to ensure privacy during an ongoing session.

Two-step Verification

Each login is verified by the account password and a unique one-time code sent to the users.

Trusted Devices

Sign-ins from a new device must be authorized as a trusted device before users can establish remote desktop access.

RemotePC offerings for businesses of all sizes and sectors

RemotePC plans are designed for personal use to small home office users, and medium to large enterprises. The versatile solution can be used for remote desktop connections, remote support and remote meetings by businesses in different sectors and segments.

Remote Desktop
  • Teams
    With a centralized web console, add any number of users and create user groups.
  • Enterprises
    Invite users and define their roles, organize computers, and provide remote deployment.
  • HelpDesk
    On-demand remote support solution for Businesses and MSPs.
  • Meeting
    Connect and collaborate with your teams from anywhere via online meetings and video conferencing.

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